Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Hey folks,

Apologies for the notable lack of posts round here. It’s been pretty busy: my social calendar seems to have had a rise in entries, I’ve been working hard on various little projects and I’ve been researching and booking things for our upcoming trip.

The countdown is on. Only five short days left! On the one hand, I.Can.Not.Wait. but on the other, I feel quite under-prepared. I feel like I ought to have done more reading and we’ve still not got things like car rental sorted… Oops! However, please note this is one of the very few things I left in Mr Man’s charge. I swear, we’re such polar opposites when it comes to organisation, here I am working on a COLOUR CODED day by day itinerary (I’m both slightly proud and mildly embarrassed by this), trying to plan every little detail, so we can make the most of our three weeks. Meanwhile, he’s there procrastinating, telling me there’s no rush whenever I nag ask about it.

He’s too much of a cool cucumber. Seriously, I don’t think he even knows what stress is.

Anyway, back to the point, all this hard work has meant lots of caffeine. Because my feeble brain doesn’t really function efficiently without the elixir going by the name of coffee.


For the last month or two, (sorry, I’ve held out on you guys for so long!) I’ve been making a magical cold brew coffee. I’m talking about letting the ground coffee steep in the fridge overnight.


It makesĀ allĀ the difference. Believe me.


Serve over ice with or without a flavour syrup of choice and a cheeky dash of double cream.


I mean, you could use milk, but why ruin a thing of such beauty?


Would you just look at these swirls… Dreamy.




So. Damn. Good.


It’s perfect whilst it’s still semi-warm out there.

And, did I mention it’s really, genuinely, super easy too?


I wish I could hand you all a glass right now, through the screen, so you could try it out for yourselves.



– Kay


  • 1.5 litres mineral water
  • 85g ground coffee – I used this stuff and I really recommend.
  • Syrups – you can use either simple syrup (heat then cool equal parts sugar and water) or a flavoured syrup of your choice – I’m particularly fond of both hazelnut and macadamia
  • Double cream, to taste


  1. The day before, in the afternoon, add the ground coffee to a bottle of mineral water. Shake well to combine and place in the fridge overnight. You want it to steep for around 18hrs.
  2. The next day, sieve out the coffee grounds using a coffee filter. (Don’t skip this – no one likes grainy, gritty coffee.)
  3. Store the coffee in a sterilised airtight jar, in the fridge, you can keep it for around a week.
  4. To serve, add a handful of ice to a glass, add a shot of syrup of choice. Pour over coffee and top with a splash of double cream.

Iced Coffee.png

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