Hey there,

I’m Kay, welcome to my little corner of the interwebs… =)

I set up blog for a number of different reasons. The first of which is food:

  • I love to eat and most of my thoughts revolve around food.
  • I love to feed people (grandma in the making?)
  • I often forget the things I’ve made over the years and this serves the purpose of a digital recipe book
  • From time to time, people ask me for recipes and I can quickly send themย a link

You’ll find recipes for what I’ve been making in my kitchen lately, everything from indulgent desserts and cakes to quick and easy healthy, weekday meals. I take my own photos on my Nikon camera.

When I’m not at work (I’m a Digital Marketing Manager by day) or in the kitchen, I love to curl up with a good book, watchย binge on Netflix and pretend that I’ll go to the gym later in the day. My other love is travelling. I’m constantly dreaming of exotic getaways. Whenever I’m away I follow up with a travel diary series where I talk you through my experiences, recommendations and foodings, with plenty of pictures.

I typically post every weekend at the moment so drop your email address in the subscribe section at the bottom for updates on the latest posts.ย You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, or email too. In the meantime, Feel free to leave a comment below, I read them all and I’d love to know what you think!

– Kay


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