Dubai – Day 2

Hi all,

On the second day of our trip, we had a little bit of a lie in (you’ll see this was a bit of a reoccurrence soon enough!) and grabbed some breakfast from the buffet downstairs. Wish I’d taken some pictures but, alas, I don’t usually function in the mornings. Everything from a full English to various breads, croissants, pastries were available. As well this, a range of fresh fruits, deli meats, olives and cheeses. So obviously, I had multiple plates full…

Thoroughly satisfied, we picked up our stomachs and headed on down to the beach where we spent the rest of the morning catching some rays. Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we decided to venture out a little to a place that we really enjoyed on our last visit, Chilli’s. The nearest one was in Sharjah, about 20 minutes away.

I ordered an Enchilada pasta – creamy enchilada pasta topped with a generous serving of cheese and plenty of succulent chicken, with a drizzle of ranch sauce (I think!) and to top it all off, some fried tortilla strips for some aesthetics and a welcome crunch! Mr Man selected the beef burger platter entitled the Big Mouth Burger bites: four identical mini burgers with American cheese and smoked beef bacon, served with skin-on fries and crispy onion rings. I ate most of his sides as he doesn’t care for chips or onion rings – AS IF I needed more carbs to my mountain of pasta but, on the whole, the arrangement suits me juuuust fine!

The chips were moreish and the onion rings had a great crunch to them. Came with a couple of condiments: ranch dip was delish although a tad watery. And the chilli was too rich. The only way I can describe it is like a small pot of tomato purée laced with excess paprika. I opted for a vanilla coke to wash it all down (soft drinks are bottomless) and whilst the first glass was amazing (why don’t they sell these in the UK anymore?!) by the time I got to the second I was sweeted out and it got pretty sickly. Mr Man got a banana and peanut butter milk shake for which he said the flavours were a great balance. I absolutely loathe bananas so I didn’t care to sample any!

Enchilada Pasta, Chilli's, UAE  Big Mouth Burger Bites, Chilli's, Sharjah, UAE  Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake, Chilli's, UAE

Stuffed to the brim with our sweet teeth already satisfied, we passed on dessert. Next stop – jet skiing!

Skyline, Al Khan, Sharjah, UAE

We pottered on down to Al Khan, near Al Mumzar Beach Park where you can find a whole array of different jet ski rental huts – they are pretty reasonably priced although don’t be afraid to haggle! If one isn’t prepared to offer you the price you’re willing to pay, just stroll on down to the next. Jet skiing was lots of fun, I didn’t trust myself so hopped on the back with Mr Man, who had us skimming over the luscious blue water at ridiculous speeds with eyewatering sharp turns. His ears are probably still ringing from my yelping and screaming ha!

And then, sunset…

Jet Skis Lined Up In Al Khan, Sharjah, UAE Skyline, Al Khan, Sharjah, UAE Sunset In Al Khan, Sharjah, UAE

Excuse the car in the picture above, not sure what I was thinking. Remind me again, why did I board the plane back to London town?

Somehow at the end of the night we found ourselves back in Deira. After a little shopping and a long, long walk, we popped over to another street food shop (again, nothing pretty to look at – DFC) for some smoothies (Mr Man hates to go a single day without one in Dubai!) and a spiced shawarma wrap to share:

DFC Menu, Deira, UAE  Spicy Shawarma Wrap and Sugar Cane Juice, Deira, Dubai  Layered Smoothie, Deira, Dubai

After pouring over pages of drink options, Mr Man opted for a pretty layered smoothie, thick creamy avocado, perfectly ripe, sweet mango and slightly tangy, summery strawberries divided up by a layer of honey. I was torn on what to order, UNTIL, I spotted some sugar cane leaning against the wall and asked if I could have some of that! (It wasn’t on the menu, so I guess it’s a seasonal). With the first sip, I was transported back to my childhood trips to India!

The shawarma was so so, not as good as the one from the day before. This one came with fattier chunks of chicken, slathered with some orange coloured sauce which had a concoction of Mexican herbs and spices and a few fried onions and salad. As usual, served with a round of pickles.

Following this food filled day, with the clock chiming midnight, we hopped into a cab back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep! Day three should be up this weekend folks – I can’t wait to tell you about our desert safari adventures!

– Kay

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