Istanbul – Day 1

Hi all,

How are you doing on this fine Tuesday evening?

I wanted to begin by apologising for the lack of posts for the last two weekends, who am I kidding, you probably didn’t even notice… I was away on holiday in Istanbul having the time of my life and figured I should share my experiences, primarily food related, but also recommendations based on what we got up to. The thought of blogging about this trip didn’t really occur to me until the second or third day so pictures will be a little more scarce until I got into the swing / habit of taking them!

We actually got back yesterday afternoon with heavier bags, toned calves (Istanbul is a really hilly place and we did a LOT of walking!), tubbier waists and iPhones full to the brim with pictures of our little getaway.

This is the second time we visited the city – I fell in love with the place, having had visited it previously a couple years back and since then I’ve been sending Mr Man up the wall with my constant reminiscing and uh, not so subtle hints about wanting to go back.

Mr Man and I arrived at Ataturk airport early Tuesday evening and hopped in a cab and headed straight for our hotel. Here’s a little snap of sunset from the cab:

View From The Cab - Istanbul

We actually booked an apartment – with the added benefit of a living room space, washing machine and kitchen area. We opted for the Ascot House which is located on a quieter backstreet in Sultanahmet and is less than a ten minute walk to the grand bazaar. It’s on a pretty steep road leading down to the coast and so was a little tricky to maneuver down with our bags. The neighbourhood looks a little run down with some abandoned houses, graffiti and the likes but based on children playing out into the night it was pretty safe all in all. Here are a couple of pictures of the road – both by daylight and night:

Şehsuvar Bey Mh - By NightŞehsuvar Bey Mh - By Day

We had a quick look around the flat – ogled and cooed at the incredible views from the balconies before dumping our bags, freshening up and popped out for a stroll with dinner on our minds.

View From Penthouse Suite - Ascot House, Istanbul

Only a stone’s throw away we found a street full of restaurants, which is pretty common in Istanbul – there’s really no shortage of places to eat! We were ushered in to the Sar Restaurant by a friendly waiter and with our bellies rumbling, we took our seats. In hindsight, we should probably have kept walking to explore our options a little more…

Sar Restaurant 1957, Istanbul

I can’t remember what I ordered, which speaks for itself really doesn’t it? (EDIT: I finally remembered, I did order a lamb doner. It was weirdly really greasy, but weirdly dry too.) But I did order some haydari and bread as a starter – that’s a garlicky yoghurt based dip with fresh dill and possibly a lamb doner for my main. Mr Man on the other hand ordered one of his all time favourites – a lahmacun (a thin Turkish pizza with a tomato base spiced minced meat and parsley) alongside some meatballs in a broth. To be honest, bar the lahmacun, the rest of the dishes were pretty lacklustre…

We then decided the night was still young, and went for a walk along the coast (Kennedy Cd) before turning it in for the night.

I’ll try and bang out the next installment on my lunch at work tomorrow but chances are I’ll be flooded on my first day back… Hopefully be up before the weekend, stay tuned!

– K

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