Geneva – Day 2

Hey All,

Here’s the day two travel diary!

We woke up bright and early on our second day. We had plans to cross the border into France and take a day trip to the cute little city of Annecy which I’d been ogling at online during our holiday planning! We arrived at the station and to our horror, looked up at the countdown to realise that the next train to the city centre was around 40mins away! Sunday service!

Breakfast plans in town scuppered, we had a quick look around and a little Google on Mr Man’s phone to find that nothing nearby was open either. (As mentioned in my last post, most places in Geneva are closed on Sundays.) After a few moments of sighing and feeling sorry for ourselves, I caught a whiff of the scent of fresh baking. We followed my nose and realised there was a small shop / cafe, called Hubiz, on the platform!

Freshly Baked Pastries, Hubiz, Gare Versoix, Geneva, Switzerland Breakfast, Hubiz, Gare Versoix, Geneva, Switzerland

To our joy, we found pastries, fresh out of the oven! We selected a Cailler pain au chocolat and a croissant along with a latte. The pain au chocolat was still warm, filled with gooey chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, with a perfect balance of flake to fluffiness. So, so good. The croissant was also pretty damn good, one of the best I’ve had I reckon. The coffee was better than yesterday’s at Le Flore. A better blend of beans I think, not sure really, I’m hardly a coffee connoisseur…

Stomachs satisfied, 40 minutes later,  we were sat on the train to the city (Gare de Geneve Cornavin). We took a leisurely stroll over to the coach station, Gare Routiere, where bought a couple of return tickets to Annecy. These were priced at 60CHF, if I remember correctly, roughly £40. Also worth noting that Annecy is in France, and since we knew we intended to take a little day trip we’d exchanged money into Euros before we left… It was around an hour drive with plenty of stops, due to it being the slow, Sunday service. But the views were superb. It’s pretty tricky getting a good picture from a moving vehicle because of the glare, focus and just being too slow, but here’s a semi-decent one that I took anyway: Coach Trip From Geneva To Annecy, Switzerland To France (3)The town seemed quite quiet initially…

Gare D'Annecy, Annecy, France

Streets, Annecy, FranceStreets, Annecy, France (2)But, we soon stumbled upon the Sunday market, where they were selling everything from books, to olives to door knobs! Sunday Market, Annecy, FranceJams, Sunday Market, Annecy, France Tomatoes, Sunday Market, Annecy, France Cheese Stall, Sunday Market, Annecy, FranceBread Stall, Sunday Market, Annecy, France Honey, Sunday Market, Annecy, France Doorknobs, Sunday Market, Annecy, France

We picked up a jar of organic mountain honey for Mr Man’s mum after sampling – loooovely! (Although, it got whisked off of us at airport security *cries* we completely forgot the no liquids deal!) We also sampled some cheese, delish! But decided against buying any as we didn’t want to lug it around in the heat + our hotel room didn’t have a fridge…

After wandering through the market, we stopped for a quick hot chocolate at Creperie du Chateau, (they only start serving crepes at midday which was slightly disappointing). Although it looks pretty, there was nothing remarkable about it, a powdered blend of something better than the usual Cadbury’s hot cocoa. Hot Chocolate, Creperie Du Chateau, Annecy, FranceNext stop was the Château d’Annecy, a castle / museum overlooking the lake. Tickets here were pretty cheap. Fiver each maybe. We arrived around 45mins before it was due to close up for the day, so we were forced to rush our way round the exhibits. Musee Chateau, Annecy, France (2)Here’s a random selection of the pictures we took, there’s everything from a small aquarium in there to some magnificent artwork of the lake.

Aquarium, Musee Chateau, Annecy, France Eel Skeleton, Musee Chateau, Annecy, France Art, Musee Chateau, Annecy, France Model Homes, Musee Chateau, Annecy, France Spiral Staircase, Musee Chateau, Annecy, France (2) Staircases And Windows, Musee Chateau, Annecy, France

I absolutely adored the stain glass windows inside. So pretty! Hard to get a good picture of, but here’s my favourite: Windows, Musee Chateau, Annecy, FranceAfter exploring the inside of the museum, we walked round the back and found this magnificent view: View From Musee Chateau, Annecy, France (3)Surreal. View From Musee Chateau, Annecy, France (2)Waaah. Take me back. View From Musee Chateau, Annecy, FranceUnfortunately, the clock was ticking and closing time was nearing so with once last glance we pottered out to continue our exploring elsewhere. We followed the crowds and kept walking. How is this place so CUTE?! Streets, Annecy, France (3)We stopped for an icecream at a little shop called Chez Poustache, opting for three scoops to share: hazelnut (always good), cinnamon (little bit grainy) and salted butter caramel (didn’t really have enough caramel for my liking…) All in all very enjoyable though.

Chez Poustache, Annecy, France Icecreams, Chez Poustache, Annecy, France Icecream, Chez Poustache, Annecy, France

We headed towards the lake and stumbled upon Palais de L’ile, a former prison on a little island in the canal:

Le Palais de I'lle, Annecy, France (8) Le Palais de I'lle, Annecy, France (7)I believe there’s also a small museum inside, but, I figured Mr Man had had enough of museums for this half of the year… Instead I just took a million pictures from the outside:   Le Palais de I'lle, Annecy, France (4)  Le Palais de I'lle, Annecy, France (2) We walked on and found ourselves at the lake. So beautiful! And the weather was also pretty magnificent. We started off thinking we’d just take a long walk but before long saw a couple of boat rental stalls and picked out a pedal boat – I think we paid for an hour which was more than enough, can’t really remember the price but it wasn’t too bad. I think reckon this was a close second to Mr Man’s fave part of our trip…

Le lac d'Annecy, Annecy, France (7)Here’s Château d’Annecy:

Le lac d'Annecy, Annecy, FranceThe water was a clear turquoise in the shallow parts…

Le lac d'Annecy, Annecy, France (9)

And turned a darker blue as we ventured further out into the deeper areas.

Le lac d'Annecy, Annecy, France (3) Le lac d'Annecy, Annecy, France (5)Le lac d'Annecy, Annecy, France (6) Le lac d'Annecy, Annecy, France (4) After returning to dry land, we found ourselves walking towards the park or, dans Francais: Jardins de L’Europe. (Is that even right?!)

Gorgeous tree-lined canal.

Pont Des Amours, Jardins De l'Europe, Annecy, FranceAll the boats nicely lined up.

Pont Des Amours, Jardins De l'Europe, Annecy, France (2)Pont Des Amours.

Pont Des Amours, Jardins De l'Europe, Annecy, France (7)With our return coach departing soon, we started heading back to the station. We stopped at Chez Jean and spent the last of our euros on a sandwich meal to share. It was a little after lunch and so most of their selection had run out. We opted for a mozzarella and tomato sandwich with red pesto. Delicious creamy cheese, fresh juicy tomatoes and a generous helping of pesto. The only thing I’d change is to substitute basil for lettuce. To be honest, I didn’t have much hope for it but it was surprisingly enjoyable.

We also shared a delicious chocolate injected doughnut. The doughnut wasn’t too fresh but the chocolate was perfect, slightly dark and very thick.

Meal Deal, Chez Jean, Annecy, France

Back in Geneva we were still hungry and so we opted for some street food. Not exactly authentic Swiss cuisine but I was surprised at how many different places sold kebabs and shawarma! We opted for the busiest place (Parfums de Beyrouth) on a street full of Lebanese joints, hoping that the crowds were there for good reason…

I opted for the chicken shawarma wrap. Lovely fresh pitta bread, toasted and filled generously with huge chunks of melt in the mouth chicken, fresh tomato, lettuce, hummus, yoghurt tahini, pickled cabbage, and garlic sauce. Beautiful. Initially, I wondered why it arrived in a plastic baggy, but it soon became clear that it was well thought out and saved me from probably getting half the sauce down my top! Mr Man had the equivalent lamb one, packed with the same complimentary medley and juicy lamb shavings. None of that processed meat gunk.

Chicken Shawarma, Parfums De Beyrouth, Geneva, Switzerland Lamb Shawarma, Parfums De Beyrouth, Geneva, Switzerland

After a long stroll, we headed back to the hotel to drop off our bits and bobs and freshen up. Mr Man took a cheeky little nap (if you ask him what his favourite part of our trip is, he will grin and insist that it was said nap).

A couple of hours later we took another long walk  in the city, before hunting out some dinner. Not many places were open but we stopped at a place called Pizzeria Da Paolo, and what a great find it was! The place was very busy, with every single table pretty much full. Nice ambience although a tad warm. Our waiter was attentive and helpful, even pre-empting that we’d want the English version of their menu.

We opted for a fungi pizza, my absolute favourite, and penne al arabiatta to share. Here are the pics:
Penne All'Arrabbiata, Pizzeria Da Paolo, Geneva, Switzerland Chamipignons Pizza, Pizzeria Da Paolo, Geneva, Switzerland
The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente and tossed in an amazing tomato and chilli sauce – with both chilli flakes and fresh red and green chillis. It was topped with fresh basil and a generous helping of parmesan. Mr Man’s a spicy kinda guy and he loved it, I, however, found it slightly too hot and picked moved the whole pieces of chilli to the side of the plate.The pizza was also pretty darn amazing, I love a good pizza, although the tomato sauce used on the base tasted slightly watered down. Not sure if that was just a less flavoursome batch of tomatoes or if they’d added water to the blend… I had some sparkling water and Mr Man had a lemonade, the bill amounted to around £50 which is pretty pricey but standard in Geneva.

We walked along the lake and about half an hour later spotted Movenpick, Mr Man, who is a big fan of their icecreams insisted we check it out. We sat outside by the River Rhone. Again, it was pretty busy with most other places being closed on Sunday.With so many delicious looking items on the menu it was difficult to make a choice! In the end I opted for a waffle topped with a scoop of vanilla icecream, and served with a shot of raspberry coulis. It was pretty damn good, the waffle was fluffy, the vanilla icecream was delicate and I adore raspberries in any way, shape or form, but, also they perfectly cut through the sweetness. The only thing I can fault is that the decorative chocolate sauce on the plate was a bit rubbish.

Mr Man went for a banana concoction. I absolutely loathe bananas so I didn’t bother trying it but the chocolate shot that came with it on the other hand… That was amazing. Rich, smooth and warm. Yes please!

Waffles With Vanilla Icecream And Raspberry Coulis, Movenpick, Geneva, Switzerland Banana Split, Movenpick, Geneva, Switzerland

We continued our walk down the river, before crosing the bridge and heading back to the main station.

Nightfall, Pont de Sous-Terre, Geneva, Switzerland Nightfall, Pont de Sous-Terre, Geneva, Switzerland (2)

And that my friends, is how we found ourselves at the end of our second day in Switzerland.

– Kay

8 thoughts on “Geneva – Day 2

  1. i love your wide shots you done it on 35mm great..i can see how polarising filter could help…you do have an eye for landscape i cant appreciate it just don’t have that artistic eye..i love the bakery shots… there is a lot of flare. your shot inside train is more richer than some shots just less flare i suppose there are some filters…i love dynamic range doe really nice… need to learn raw you soften sharpening and colours then push them in computer..the computer is more clever does it better…never the less very well documented

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  2. Traveling to Geneva for a study abroad opportunity. Ran across your travel blog by accident. Great information, pictures, and details. I’ve already added a few more stops to my list of activities. Thank you, Kay.

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