Dubai – Day 9

Hey All,

Finaaaally finished writing up the final installment of the Dubai holiday series… Enjoy:

On the last day, we woke up early enough to grab breakfast from the hotel. Probably needn’t have bothered really, our first and last breakfast was a bit rubbish. Didn’t take any pictures but the selection was very limited, supplies of bread and the likes were cheap and substandard, and sorry, but curry, for breakfast? No, just no.

After that disappointing start to the day we decided to head back over to the Dubai Mall, after some last minute shopping, we decided it was time for lunch. We’d purposely saved one of our favourites places from our previous trip for last! Lunch at Joe’s Cafe… This place is just amazing. It’s located in the ‘fashion avenue’ if you’re trying to hunt it out!

Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE Joe's Cafe, Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

We went in and were asked where we’d like to sit, naturally we opted to sit outside on the balcony. Word of warning, it can get pretty hot! If the option is available always opt for a table under a parasol.

Joe's Cafe, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE


As we waited for our order, we were presented with a selection of freshly baked, complimentary bread rolls paired with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So yum. I had to mindfully refrain from going overboard considering how much I was looking forward to the actual food.

Complimentary Bread, Joe's Cafe, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAEBefore long, our waitress brought over our lunch. We’d decided to share a meal, knowing that it’d be a huge portion and was also very rich. I’d pretty much been dreaming about the special chicken risotto since we booked our trip:

Special Chicken Risotto, Joe's Cafe, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE Special Chicken Risotto, Joe's Cafe, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

It did not disappoint. No words can do this justice. I won’t even try.

Mr Man took it upon himself to order some Mint Tea to end on, between that and the sunshine, it got me pretty nostalgic about our trip to Marrakech almost three years ago.

Mint Tea, Joe's Cafe, Dubai Mall, UAE

View From Joe's Cafe, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAEJust a note on the outdoor seating, this place is marvellous to come to for dinner too. At sunset, there’s a water fountain show that goes off every 30mins or so, into the night. I can’t think of a better place to watch it from. That said, book in advance if at all possible, it gets pretty busy, especially on weekends!

After lunch we found ourselves exploring the Souk Al Bahar, this is a little mall on the other side of the bridge in the picture above.

Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAE  Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAE Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAE Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAE

Super pretty little walkways:

Lights, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAE

And so many cute little cafes and restaurants, I only wish we’d stumbled upon this place sooner!

Cafes, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAEEvery time we looked up, we saw the Burj Khalifa towering over us. 
Burj Khalifa from the Souk Al Bahar, Dubai, UAE

Around 6pm we hopped in a cab and headed on back to our hotel, I was a bit slow pulling my phone out and missed capturing sunset through the skyscrapers but here’s the picture I did manage to get.

Cab Ride, Dubai, UAE

Upon arrival, Mr Man conked out on the sofa (typical behaviour) so I took it upon myself to quickly get on with our packing. A few hours later, showered, refreshed and packed we decided to pop out for one last long walk. We found ourselves in the BurJuman area and as we walked past the Regent Palace Hotel we saw a sign for roof top shisha and went in to check it out.

It was really pretty up here with little gazebos up by the poolside. It was, however, a little chilly and the waiters told us no blankets were available. We ordered some drinks and a lemon and mint shisha to share. A pool attendant walked by a little later, saw us freezing and offered us some thick towels. Staff were very attentive and the shisha arrived promptly and was good, with the coal regularly changed.

The drinks, however, were another story. They took like 45 minutes after the arrival of our shisha to deliver us a diet coke (for me) and a pina colada (for Mr Man). This was despite checking up on the status of our drinks every 10minutes or so. If this wasn’t bad enough,  the latter was disgusting. It’s really not that hard to make… Whilst it looks pretty it was bitter and tasted rotten, like they’d used some expired pineapple juice or something.

We complained and the waiter told us he would arrange for a replacement, but naturally we didn’t exactly want to wait another 45mins for a drink. He then got a little edgy and proceeded to tell us that we would have to pay for it because we’d already finished nearly half. Well, firstly that was the exaggeration of the century (Mr Man had a small sip, and handed it to me for another small sip to confirm it was no good) and secondly, we wouldn’t have known it was beyond terrible without trying some?  That staff customer service poster I saw on the way in clearly wasn’t working… Normally we’re not complainers but we requested to see the manager because clearly he didn’t have the permission or the know how to proceed. He pottered off and came back a few minutes later and informed us that we would not be charged for the drink and re-offered us a replacement which we refused.

Rooftop shisha by the pool, Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE Drinks, Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Anyway, after that, we headed back to our hotel, and got ready to depart; sadly, our time in Dubai had come to an end. We hopped in a cab to the airport and after checking in, we were all ready to roll. We spent the last of our dirhams on an obligatory holiday McD’s for the road. I’m a mixture of so proud and really ashamed to admit we finished all of the below:

Big Mac and Grand Chicken Meals, Chicken Nuggets, Apple Pie and Icecream, McDonald's, Dubai International Airport, DXB, Dubai, UAE

And back to reality we returned.

– Kay

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