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After three days in Istanbul, we headed over to the West coast of Turkey, to a charming little town called Alaçatı, located in Çeşme. It neighbours Greece and has a beautiful Mediterranean vibe with its stone houses, cobbled streets and blue wooden shutters and doors.


We stayed at the Alacati Yamac Evi Butik Otel.

Entrance, Alacati Yamac Evi Hotel, Alaçatı, Turkey

We booked their top floor room:

I mean, a hot tub and this view, overlooking the terracotta roofs:

Rooftop Hot Tub, Alacati Yamac Evi Hotel, Alaçatı, Turkey

View From Room, Alacati Yamac Evi Hotel, Alaçatı, Turkey

Every morning, we’d wake up to this incredible breakfast spread – everything from clotted cream served with honey to fresh, hot scrambled eggs.

Breakfast, Alacati Yamac Evi Hotel, Alaçatı, Turkey

It was just amazing.

Chilling At Alacati Yamac Evi Hotel, Alaçatı, Turkey

I managed to get this shot our final day, when we left bright and early – at sunrise. 🌄

Sunrise, Alacati Yamac Evi Hotel, Alaçatı, Turkey


We hired a little scooter to get us around as public transport is pretty non-existent / taxis are rare and walking can only get you so far.

Roadside Panorama, Tatlicak Mevkii, Cesme, Turkey

Driving past the marina:

Cesme Marina, Turkey

The Town

The town centre is gorgeous –

Cute Cafes, Alacati, Turkey

I could happily walk around it for weeks on end, exploring every little corner, cafe and shop.

Pretty Little Restaurants, Alacati, Cesme, Turkey

Wherever you look, it’s perfectly Instagram-able.

Market Stalls, Alacati, Turkey


Streets Of Alacati, Turkey

Beautiful flowers:

Flowers, Alaçatı, Turkey

When can I move in??

Beautiful House, Alacati, Turkey

I’m not fussy – this one will also do:

House Goals, Alacati, Turkey


Pretty House, Alacati, Turkey

I’m forever collecting photos of beautiful doors:

Door Goals, Alacati, Cesme, Turkey


Pretty Stone House, Alacati, Turkey

Cute little secret cafes:

Perfect for a mid-afternoon break.

Painted Walls, Alacati, Turkey

During the day, whilst everyone is at the beach, the town has a chilled, almost sleepy vibe then the evenings, it really comes alive.

Night Market, Alacati, Turkey

The night markets.

Night Market, Alacati, Cesme, Turkey


There’s a whole host of idyllic beaches on the Aegean coastline with soft white sand, glimmering turquoise water…

And, endless deckchairs and people.

Ilıca Beach, Çeşme, Turkey

Personally – I like a bit of peace and quiet so opted for more rugged spots, away from the throngs of people.

Pebble Beach, Alacati, Turkey

Like this little cove in Tatlicak Mevkii.

Beach, Tatlicak Mevkii, Cesme, Turkey

Granted – it’s not the prettiest. But we had the whole place to ourselves.

Pebble Beach, Tatlicak Mevkii, Cesme, Turkey

And the water was perfect – crystal clear, warm and peaceful.

^ I mean, come on!

Pebble Beach At Tatlicak Mevkii, Cesme, Turkey


Clear Blue Water, Tatlicak Mevkii, Cesme, Turkey

On another occasion, we ended up here:

Cesme Beach, Turkey

A word of warning: if you do end up hunting out a quieter space, be extra careful as it’s often the rocks are slippery and the water gets deep very quickly. If you’re not a confident swimmer (🙋🏻 guilty!) make sure you are mindful!

Waves Lapping Up Against The Shore, Cesme, Turkey

Ugh – I could watch these live photos of the water gently lapping the shore all day long.

Sea, Cesme, Turkey

All the blue:

Ilıca Beach, Cesme, Turkey

We found this place by chance, it’s located near Ilıca Beach. We drove around looking for a quieter spot, and ended up zigzagging our way through residential houses to find it.

Coastline, Cesme, Turkey

And I’m so glad we did!

Cesme Beach, Turkey (2)

The Market

Alacati market is open on Saturdays and sells everything you could possibly want!

Turkish Towels And Linen, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

^ From traditional Turkish towels…

Spices, Herbs And Teas, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

…through to spices, herbs and teas galore.

Loose Leaf Teas, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

No prizes for guessing where I ended up!

Teas, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

The most flavoursome, sweet, sun dried tomatoes. You could honestly eat these like sweets!

Sundried Tomatoes. Alaçatı Market, Turkey

And the colour!!

Olives, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

^ Endless varieties of olives

Honey, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

^ honeys and oils (definitely recommend grabbing some olive oil, this region is famous for it!)

Natural Soaps, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

Beautiful, colourful soaps for a variety of skin conditions.

Fresh Fruit, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

Definitely bought loads of fruit too! 🍒🍓🍑🍉🍇

Drawstring Bags, Alaçatı Market, Turkey

Cute bags, scarves and more.

Alaçatı Market, Turkey

Just some of the culinary goodies we brought back with us:

Shopping From Turkey


If I’m honest, we had a variety of hit / misses when it came to food.

Kabak Çiçeği 

We stumbled upon this little gem on our first day, it’s run the sweetest older couple. Admittedly, we struggled to communicate due to the language barrier but they were very welcoming and friendly. It was such a personal experience and we just felt looked after.

Kabak Çiçeği, Alaçatı, Turkey

All the food is homemade and you pick from a variety of dishes which are heated up / plated up accordingly. From left to right, top to bottom, we ordered baba ganoush, lamb meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, a chicken dip, bread and olive oil, courgettes cooked in tomato with onions and topped with yoghurt, lamb in a crispy and flaky pastry and cacik.

Lunch, Kabak Çiçeği, Alaçatı, Turkey

The food is served up with homemade bread and olive oil which, from what I gathered, the owner was very proud to have freshly baked, earlier that same morning.

Homemade Bread And Local Olive Oil, Kabak Çiçeği, Alaçatı, Turkey

Honestly, it was such a homely, coming home to visit your grandparents type experience. By the end of it, I was pretty much ready for them to adopt me!

Kitten, Kabak Çiçeği, Alaçatı, Turkey

A little friend who shared our lunch. 😸

Dost Pide & Pizza

This place was heaving at lunchtime so we were sure we’d be in for a treat – sadly the food was pretty unremarkable and average.

Chicken Wings, Dost Pide & Pizza, Çeşme, Turkey

^ grilled chicken wings.

Chicken Pide, Dost Pide & Pizza, Çeşme, Turkey

^ chicken and egg pide.

Asma Yaprağı

This place is one of the most famous (and delicious) places around! Whilst the service is pretty lacklustre, the food is incredible! Make sure you reserve a table in advance or you’ll risk missing out.

The Dining Area, Garden, Asma Yaprağı, Alaçatı, Turkey

Honestly, it’s such an experience. Dining in the atmospheric, stone garden in the shade of the trees above you, on white linen-clad tables with candles and potted plants. It’s stunning.

Dining At Asma Yaprağı, Alaçatı, Turkey

You’re invited into the kitchen to pick from a selection of incredible mezze / starters and a choice of mains (in our case, slow cooked lamb / meatballs). The thinly sliced pumpkin roasted with caramelised onions is absolute perfection and honestly I need some more in my life!

The Kitchen, Asma Yaprağı, Alaçatı, Turkey

These are then brought out to you to enjoy at your table.

Dinner, Asma Yaprağı, Alaçatı, Turkey

We were seated in their over-spill, second garden. This meant that whilst we had pretty poor service as not many serves were not around, we were largely left to ourselves for much of the evening, not rushed in anyway and were able to really take our time.

Tea And Baklava, Asma Yaprağı, Alaçatı, Turkey

^ Homemade baklava and Turkish tea to end the night.

Kapari Bahçe

We were seated outside on the street as we hadn’t booked ahead but actually, that worked out quite nicely as it was a lot quieter and the perfect spot to people watch.

Kapari Bahçe, Alaçatı, Turkey

Whilst the food was delicious (mushroom pasta / steak), service left a lot to be desired. I was pretty relieved when we managed to escape!

Dinner, Kapari Bahçe, Alaçatı, Turkey

Meyhane Sako

We ended up having lunch at this little cafe after the owner charmed us in.

Meyhane Sako, Alaçatı, Turkey

Ordinarily, that’s enough to make us run but on this occasion we were starved so fell for it!

Meyhane Sako Restaurant, Alaçatı, Turkey

Pretty underwhelming mezze in all honesty:

Mezze, Meyhane Sako, Alaçatı, Turkey

Imren Helva Ve Tatlı Evi

A perfect little place to stop for some dessert:

Desserts, İmren Helva Ve Tatlı Evi, Alaçatı, Turkey

We ordered their traditional helva dessert, filled with vanilla icecream. Delicious although the cardamom was far too strong for my liking!

Halva At İmren Helva Ve Tatlı Evi, Alaçatı, Turkey

Street food

Shaved ice, rose syrup, jelly cubes and an overly generous dusting of icing sugar – sounds weird but was a pretty refreshing afternoon treat!

Shaved Ice And Rose Dessert, Alacati, Turkey

Al Haram Club

This quirky shisha cafe is a great place to chill and wile away an hour or two:

Al Haram Club, Alaçatı, Turkey

The decoration is pretty unique with all the mismatching yet complimentary pieces and looks like it’s inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Decor, Al Haram Club, Alaçatı, Turkey

Pretty decent shisha and iced coffee.

Shisha, Al Haram Club, Alaçatı, Turkey

– Kay

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