Pompeii & The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Hey folks,

Here’s the second half of my travel diary from Italy – enjoy!


For the second half of our trip, we hired a car and drove down the coast from Naples to Amalfi – of course, en route, we just had to stop to explore the famous ruins of Pompeii. In 79AD, this Roman town was buried under a layer of ash and pumice stone by the eruption of the nearby volcano, Mt Vesuvius. It was forgotten for centuries, until being rediscovered in 1748.

View of Mt Vesuvius From Pompeii, Italy

There’s so much history to be uncovered – I really recommend getting a guide to bring the experience to life, else you end up wandering around, not really knowing what you’re looking at.

Streets Of Pompeii, Italy

For example, on this street you can see the faint markings of chariot wheels:

Chariot Wheel Tracks, Pompeii, Italy

And, can you believe, they had water pipes installed, thousands of years ago?!

Waterpipe, Pompeii, Italy

A bakery! (My kinda place…)

Bakery In Pompeii, Italy

The classic amphitheatre, no doubt there was plenty of blood spilled here in the name of entertainment.

Amphitheatre, Pompeii, Italy

The street that led to the brothel – note: the phallic symbol right under the street sign.

reg vii ins xiii, Pompeii, Italy

Inside, there are various pictures, serving, almost as a menu of options to select from:

Pictures, Lupanar, Brothel, Pompeii, Italy

Bed and pillow, I would think there’s no explanation required:

Bed In Brothel, Pompeii, Italy

Giggles and inappropriate jokes aside, many lives were also lost, people were trapped and suffocated in the layers of mud, ash and stone – their final moments preserved:

People, Pompeii, Italy

Peacefully sleeping, unbeknownst of the disaster striking:

Sleeping Man, Pompeii, italy

Praying in his final moments?

Man, Pompeii, Italy

A poor, helpless child:

Child, Pompeii, Italy

A curled up dog – who looks like was struggling, perhaps tied up, trying to break free and run.

Dog, Pompeii, Italy

Archaeologists are still excavating – it’s crazy to think how many many more ancient relics and memories may be buried, waiting to be discovered!

Excavations, Pompeii, Italy

Drive to Amalfi Coast

The coastal drive was beautiful. You pass dramatic cliff faces, the glittering deep blue sea, and the cutest, picturesque towns along the way.

Coastal Road From Naples To The Amalfi Coast, Italy

All of the different shades of blue!!!

Coastal Drive From Naples To Amalfi, Italy

We had to stop numerous times for lemon granitas and to take pictures! Just look how perfectly blue the water is!!

Views From The Coastal Drive From Naples To Amalfi

We drove past Sorrento:

View Of Sorrento, Italy


View Of Sorrento, Italy

Caught some great shots of Vesuvius in the distance:

View While Driving From Naples To Amalfi, ItalyView Of Mt Vesuvio From The Sea, ItalyMt Vesuvius, Italy


We stayed in Pogerola which is a little town located in the hills above Amalfi. The views from here are, much like the rest of the coast, stunning:

View Over Amalfi From Pogerola, Italy

Walking around the neighbourhood, we stumbled upon little gardens on the cliffside, where the residents grow their own produce.

The classic Italian cooking heavy-weight, tomatoes:

Tomatoes, Amalfi, Italy


Grapevines, Amalfi, Italy


Aubergines, Amalfi, Italy

There’s a bus that hurtles through the hills, to and fro Pogerola and Amalfi. Beautiful though it is, the town is actually quite small, and there’s not an excessive amount to see or do.

Coast Of Amalfi, ItalyAmalfi Coast, Italy

^ I love the pastel coloured houses set into the mountainside. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a wet afternoon so my pictures suffered.

View Of Amalfi Coast, Italy

Beautifully painted ceramic tiles are sold all over this region:

Tiles For Sale, Amalfi, Italy

Nativity fountain we stumbled on:

Fontana sant'Andrea, Amalfi, Italy

This region is famous for its abundance of lemons and chillis, and you can find them being sold everywhere.

Lemon And Chilli Stall, Amalfi, Italy

These things are SO big, like three times the size of one you’d find here!!

Huge Lemons, Amalfi, Italy


Stella Maris Restaurant

For dinner, we stepped into Stella Maris Restaurant, located on the seafront.

Lemon spaghetti – cooked perfectly and dressed in a zesty, creamy and herby sauce. Delicious!

Lemon Pasta, Stella Maris Restaurant, Amafi, Italy

This was dreamy! Homemade pasta, cooked to perfection with a slight chew, smothered in a rich tomato and aubergine sauce, topped generously with parmesan.

Aubergine Pasta, Stella Maris Restaurant, Amafi, Italy

And finally, for dessert, a chocolate and almond cake, served with vanilla ice cream. The chocolate sauce was a bit needless if you ask me, but the cake was really enjoyable.

Chocolate And Almond Cake, Stella Maris Restaurant, Amafi, Italy

To escape the rain we found ourselves exploring the church – Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea.

Duomo di Amalfi, Italy

I love the dramatic gold highlights on the pillars and ceiling.

Cathedral of Amalfi, Italy

The stunning coast by night:

Amalfi At Night, Italy

Far from my best night picture, but a night time shot of the view nevertheless!

View Of Amalfi At Night, Italy

The town is still a lively place after dark:

Amalfi Town By Night, Italy

For a late night treat, we stopped for some gelato, personally, I think the ones we tried in Naples were a fair bit better – not to say I didn’t gobble up what I was served!!

Gelato, Il Pianeta Del Gelato, Amalfi, Italy



We hopped on a ferry the next morning to Positano, probably the most Instagram-ready town on the Amalfi coast.

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Positano Coast, Italy

The yellow, pink and terracotta houses, set in the dramatic mountains, and the glittering turquoise sea- so picturesque!

Positano In Italy

We got there early and pretty much had the whole pebbly beach to ourselves!

Looking Out At Sea, Positano, Italy

No words.

Positano Beach, Italy

❤ ❤ ❤

Panoramic Picture of Beach In Positano, Italy

To explore the town, you can either hop on a bus or take the (endless!) stairs, and make your way up…

Stairs, Positano, Italy

Between the houses, you’re rewarded with glimpses of the glimmering sea.

Exploring Positano, Italy

And you quickly start realising how far you’ve come!

View Of Positano From Stairs, ItalyStairs, Positano, Italy

It’s both pretty and pretty exhausting!

Front Door, Positano, Italy

^ Front door goals!

Exploring the pretty little shops:

Streets Of Positano, ItalyPositano Town, ItalyPainted Plates, Ceramica Assunta, Positano, Italy

Between which, you find dramatic views

Positano, ItalyFence, Positabo, Italy

and endless photo opportunities!

Red Flower, Positano, Italy

Saw this painting outside an art gallery, I’m sure it was WAY out of my budget, but isn’t it magnificent?

Painting Of Positano, Italy

Carved into the mountainside wall at the bus stop:

Bus Stop, Positano, ItalyBus Stop In Positano, Italy

But seriously, how dreamy is this view!!!

Positano, Italy,

Can not get over how stunning it was!

Positano, ItalyLooking Down On Positano, Italy

Due to the rough seas (you can’t tell at all, can you!) we hoped to take a little boat trip to the Emerald Grotto, but it was suspended for the day.

Sea View, Positano, Italy

La Cambusa

Overlooking the beach and recommended by a friend at work, we found ourselves at La Cambusa for lunch.

View From La Cambusa, Positano, Amalfi

Caprese Salad – doesn’t look like much but the flavours of the high-quality ingredients speak for themselves.

Caprese Salad, La Cambusa, Positano, Amalfi

Tagliatelle arrabbiata – pasta tossed in a spicy tomato sauce, served with a side of chilli oil.

Arrabiata, La Cambusa, Positano, Amalfi

As much as the draw of pasta was pulling me in, I couldn’t not try some freshly caught fish. Catch of the day, served in a lemon butter sauce, topped with potatoes. So simple, but so, so delicious!

Sea Bass And Potatoes In A Lemon Sauce, La Cambusa, Positano, Amalfi

And finally, for dessert, a creamy, melt in the mouth, vanilla pannacotta, topped with burnt caramel sauce and a pair of caramelised almonds. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been craving this since!

Almond And Burnt Caramel Panna Cotta, La Cambusa, Positano, Amalfi

And that brings my time at the Amalfi coast to a wrap – one more dreamy picture, because I simply couldn’t resist!

Coast Of Positano, Italy

– Kay

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